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The Conventional Ventilation System was Ducted Ventilation System. Ducted vent. system has following features:
Ducted ventilation system has following features:
Provision of Fresh air fans and Exhaust Air Fans with ducting arrangement as per requirement.
To be operated based on timing control.
Full capacity of Fans has to be operated irrespective of Smoke level or CO Concentration.
The Modern method of Ventilation system is the Ductless Ventilation system having the following features:

Ductless Ventilation system has following features:

No Ducts are required.
Only Fresh Air Fans, Exhaust Air Fans and Jet Fans required.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is utilized to decide the number and location of Jet fans for effective and optimum performance.
A group of approximately 4 numbers of Jet Fans are controlled by one CO Sensor and Integrated with IBMS.
When the CO level exceeds threshold value, CO Sensors extends signal to IBMS and accordingly the corresponding group of Jet Fans are triggered.
When CO level exceeds threshold value in approximately 50% of CO Sensors per Basement, then Fresh Air/ Exhaust Fans are switched ON through IBMS along with jet fans.
Advantages of Ductless Ventilation
No ducts: duct system and accessories are eliminated.
Improved air quality and efficient Operation.
Optimum use of Car Park Space & Optimisation of Head room for Vehicles and Pedestrians.
Flexibility in installation, quick installation.
Effective smoke management .
During Fire Conditions, the volume of air to be handled is of the order of 1.25 lakh CFM. Under this situation ductless system fares better compared to ducted system.
How Energy Saving is Achieved in Ductless Ventilation?
Ducts are associated with pressure drop, hence higher size F.A/E.F. are reqd.
Jet fans are located using CFD Analysis in a manner that they help FA/EF to suck/exhaust air respectively, hence smaller size (HP) FA/EF required.
During low traffic in Basement, depending upon CO level concentration, only a group of Jet fans may be switched ON by IBMS to distribute/ dilute CO concentration, while in ducted system higher capacity FA/EF have to be kept ON most of the time.
1.) Casing made of galvanised steel.
2.) Special silencers at the inlet and outlet side.
3.) Inlet cone(s) .
4.) Protection guard(s).
5.) Mounting brackets for ceiling suspension.
Application Areas
Office buildings require good indoor climate during the day as well as heat recovery and reheating of supply air depending on outdoor conditions. We know now that occupancy rate during the daytime is less than 50 % in a normal office today. This is why DCV, demand controlled ventilation, can be used preferably.
Health Care
Healthcare can encompass numerous activities from operating theatres to resting rooms. Different types of systems are used to create a low noise and draught free environment.
Industrial premises will often have high airflows and the height of the room is often high. If the work carried out there generates high level of air pollution. Also air is often used to take care of the heating demands in wintertime by providing over tempered air in to the room. Both conditions must be done in a way that no draughts will occur in the occupied zone.
Shopping Center
The look of a shopping centre varies a lot, from one or two floors outlets to high buildings with many floors and large glass facades. The need can also vary from bringing cold air into an shop with lots of spotlights, to have diffusers that take away the mist from inside the window. Both must be done under non draught conditions, not to affect the customer shopping.
A school or more specific a classroom is a space where DCV, demand controlled ventilation has the serve well. The usage is intermittent from hour to hour and when occupied, it needs to take care of the conditions so student can concentrate properly.

Ventilation in residential buildings is solved in 3 different ways;
Ventilation in residential buildings is solved in 3 different ways;
Natural ventilation .
Mechanical exhausted air systems .
Balanced ventilation system with heat recovery.
Energy efficient products and system solutions are required in order to lower energy costs and to make an environmental friendly installation.
• Backward curve centrifugal impeller.
• Speed controllable external rotor motor.
• Compact in size.
• Lighter in weight.
• High efficiency.
• Low sound level.
• Higher airflow with medium static pressure.
• PVC casing and impeller.
• Mixed flow impeller.
• Speed controllable external rotor motor.
• Compact in size, Lighter in weight.
• High efficiency, Low sound level.
• Double inlet centrifugal fan.
• Forward curved impeller.
• Built In motor.
• Direct driven.
• Insulated cabinet for low noise level.
• Particularly for Air- extraction & Air filtrations system.
• Double inlet centrifugal fan.
• Forward curved impeller.
• Belt driven.
• Insulated cabinet for low noise level.
• Particularly for Air- extraction & Air filtrations system.
• Hot dipped galvanized casing.
• Aluminium die-cast aerofoil impeller.
• Adjustable pitch angle.
• Size 315-1600 dia.
• Maintenance free & reliable motors.
• High temperature series for 300 deg/2hrs or 400 deg/2hrs.
  Bifurcated axial fans
• Hot dipped galvanized casing.
• Aluminium die-cast aerofoil impeller.
• Adjustable pitch angle.
• Motors out of the air stream.
• Single phase motors upto 2.2 kw.
• High temperature series for 300 deg/2hrs or 400 deg/2hrs.
• Speed-controllable.
• Integral thermal contact.
• Can be installed in any position.
• I-Series with acoustic insulation for super quiet operation.
• Maintenance-free and reliable.
• Low level sound.
• Backward curve centrifugal impeller.
• Speed-controllable.
• Modular system.
• Can be installed in any position.
• Integral thermal contacts.
• Low sound level.
• Maintenance-free and reliable.
  MINI Roof
• Polymide roof cowl.
• Aluminium die-cast aerofoil impeller.
• Adjustable pitch angle.
• Reliable & maintenance free.
• High temperature series for 300 deg/2hrs.
  JAF-Jet Fan
• For daily ventilation and smoke extraction in case of fire F300
(300°C/2 hrs).
• Aerofoil impellers for maximum thrust and with low sound
• Motors IP54, insulation class H (smoke extract); motors IP55,
insulation class F (CO-exhaust).
• Hot dipped galvanised casing.
• Removable fan module also after installation for easy maintenance.
• Certified in accordance to BS 7346:Part 2 / En 12101-3.
• Centrifugal range available on request.
  Wall Mounted Axial
• Speed-controllable.
• Integral thermal contacts.
• Maintenance-free and reliable.
• LW models with Wall plate mounting.
• LR models with flanges for duct mounting.
• Casing and impeller made of GI steel.
  Ceiling Mounted Fan
• Window/wall/ceiling mounted fans.
• With integral back draught damper.
• Polymide casing and impeller for rust protection.
• Light in weight.
• Sizes 4” to 12”.
  Chemical Resistant Fan
• Polypropylene(PPH) casing w/o welding joints.
• Injection molded FW wheel made of PPH.
• Direct driven 230v/400v/50hz/60hz motors.
• Motor outside the air stream.
• 3~ motors can be controlled with frequency converter.
• Motor mounting accessories available for different applications.
• ATEX Zone II, category 3 G execution in accordance with
ATEX directive 94/9/CE. (on request).
• Transported air temperature max upto 80 deg C.
  Big smart fan
• Air movement system for large industrial & agriculture facilities.
• For increasing productivity & comfort in large spaces.
• Big Smart Fans used for cooling, heat de-stratification and ventilation.
they’re engineered for efficiency and effectiveness.
• Easy to install, operate,maintain.
• Variable Pitch Technology.
• Multi Mode Control capability.
• Max smart fan Size 15’ can mix air up to 340,000 CFM in up to
20,000 square feet using very little energy.
  Natural Turbine
• The undulating vanes lead to smooth rotation at light wind.
• The bearings at lower and upper position make smooth turns.
• The rotation of the vanes brings the hot air, smoke and wet air
up to the roof and exhausts them out.
• Continuous rotation brings the fresh air regularly for easy ventilation
• The single rotating mechanism will work for long times e.g. 15
years if not physical damage to turbine.
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