Air Purification & Disinfection System

Total Spectrum® APS

The Total Spectrum® Air Purification System sets a new standard for achieving clean indoor air while significantly reducing energy consumption of air conditioning. Total Spectrum® goes beyond the traditional ventilation to solve the problems of indoor air quality. The better solution is to
purify the conditioned air inside and reuse it. Total Spectrum® is purifying the air and saving energy in commercial environments such as casinos with smoking, office buildings, airports, laboratories, and museums. Wherever there is a need to breathe fresh air and use less resources without waste byproducts, Total Spectrum® APS will deliver.

System Description

Air purifier Total Spectrum® uses a unique combination of filters, ultraviolet light (UV) with photocatalyst and Dynamic Chemistry™ to capture and destroy environmental pollutants. Conventional HVAC filters remove particulate contaminants. Prefilters of MERV 14 are used to assure all dirt is removed. Next our photocatalytic oxidation removes gaseous pollutants and destroys pathogens. This section does most of the VOC removal extending the life of the ProGuard activated carbon that follows. The carbon is regenerated constantly with Dynamic Chemistry™ generated in the UV-PCO section, extending its life up to ten years. A second gas-phase media stage is ProGuard
300 with potassium permanganate. This media assures that formaldehyde and acid gases are destroyed. Both carbon and alumina media are held in patented PMA 25 modules to assure high residence times and low resistance. The final catalytic filter ensures no Dynamic Chemistry™, such as hydroxyls, go back into the occupied space. Safeties are built into the controls for operator protection. The control box includes differential pressure gages across each filter bank providing easy visual indication when the filters need to be changed.

Dynamic Chemistry Purifies Air and Regenerates Media

Total Spectrum has a patented ability to dynamically produce powerful oxidation chemistries. These chemistries react with environmental pollutants destroying them instantly. When pollution levels are low, the active oxygen is available to renew the activated carbon, preparing for the next wave of contaminants. This self-cleaning capability significantly reduces operating costs to indefinitely extend the life of the activated carbon and significantly the permanganate on alumina.

Total Spectrum® Air Purification System

Advantages in Energy Savings

  • Recirculated cleaned air requires less energy for conditioning
  • Including TS-APS design in new construction makes it possible to down size the heating and cooling equipment
  • Reduces operating costs and maintenance
  • Meets USGBC qualifications for LEED points

Air Purification advantages with Total Spectrum®

  • Eliminates odorous and hazardous air pollutants to better than outdoor air quality
  • Maintains high gas-phase removal efficiency
  • Achieves high single pass removal efficiency
  • Eliminates threats to health such as fungi, viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Removes particulates as small as 1 micron
  • Dynamic Chemistry™, patented, constantly renews activated carbon media bed
  • TS is scalable to any airflow required for new or existing systems
  • It includes controls to ensure safe operation
  • It produces no harmful emissions
  • TS has proven capability of removing all tobacco smoke and gases

Meets ASHRAE design standards

Standard 62.1 “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality”, Section 6.3 IAQ
Procedures covers IAQ contaminants of concern and lists various concentration levels established by WHO, OSHA, NIOSH and
other authorities. A Total Spectrum removes all those contaminants to below detection on a lab Gas Chromatograph. Data from a casino installation that allows smoking validates the capabilities.

Total Spectrum Options

  • Real-Time monitoring of indoor air quality with results available over the internet
  • HEPA final filter
  • Regular service by ProMark technicians
  • Periodic air quality sampling testing, and reports using a certified air quality testing lab


  • AHR Expo 2006 InnovationAward for Indoor Air Quality ASHRAE (American
    Society for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
  • 2006 Excellence in Engineering Illinois chapter
  • American Gaming Association Vision Award for Environmental Design
  • ASHRAE Regional Technology Award, Region VI, 2005-2006 Honorable

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