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When looking at a positive career growth, SEVCON offers some exciting opportunities to work for. Professionalism, dedication and right attitude are three key attributes that will be considered at the time of short listing your candidature.

Sevcon believes that the employees are the biggest asset of an organization. The growth of an organization is proportionate to the growth of the employees. The employees are the force that leads an organization ahead.

They are the people who innovate, invent, and engineer the efficiencies that make an enterprise successful. An open and interactive work culture brings out the best in our people. Excellent training is provided to develop leaders and re-strengthen competencies in the organization. Therefore, we employ from some of the best management and technology institutes in the country.

The commitment of our people and their ambitions will continue to accelerate the growth of Sevcon.

If you want to grow with our organization and build a rewarding career, send us your CV at

Pumping System & other Hydronics (HVAC)
Pumping System (Plumbing & Fire Fighting)
Dynamic Balancing cum Control Valves
Fans & Ventilation Products
Thermal Energy Storage
Grooved Pipe Joining systems
Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Heat Transfer Filtration
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