Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Addressing Cooling Towers Problems Where there is a need for cooling water, four factors cause concern for engineers and plant management: Corrosion, Scale, Bio-fouling and Algae Together, they cause major problems including:

  • Health hazards
  • Increased electricity and water consumption
  • Reduction in cooling efficiency
  • Reduced equipment life expectancy

Until now, the common method of treatment for these problems entailed the use of chemicals which are expensive, environmentally unfriendly and don’t guarantee results.

State of the Art System
The Electrochemical Scale Treatment System (E.S.T) is a state of the art, patented system which prevents scaling, prevents bio fouling, microorganism growth, inhibits corrosion, produces oxidants in the water and prevents the spread of airborne bacteria.
Electrochemical Process
Using a unique electrochemical process, the E.S.T system actively, efficiently and cost effectively deals with the problems associated with cooling water systems without using harmful chemicals.

Save up to 60% on operational costs:

100% savings on chemicals
20% – 40% decrease in water usage
5% – 15% lower energy costs
10% – 50% reduction in labor costs
Green Technology

No chemical feeds or discharge

Water can be recycled and reused for irrigation

Scale and Corrosion Control

All precipitation of salts occurs in the reaction chamber
No scale in the system heat exchangers
Control over corrosion potential due to low aggression of water
Longer system lifespan

Cooling system works better and longer
Full control and supervision

Performance is monitored with complete control of all parameters


The E.S.T System is connected to the cooling system or the cooling tower externally so no intervention in system is needed. This significantly reduces installation costs and time. A reaction chamber with electrodes (anodes) installed inside acts as a cathode. The reaction tank is connected to the cooling tower via a circulation pump, and the water is circulated from the cooling tower basin to the reaction tank and back to the cooling tower. Tank anodes are constructed from nickel oxide coated titanium, an exclusive Elgressy patent. DC current passes from the cathode, through the electrolyte (water) in the reaction tank, to the anodes and produces OH ions, which causes a rise in pH near the reaction tank walls. This causes scale to sink to the bottom of the tank, produces corrosion preventing copper and iron ions and creates an environment that prevents the development of harmful micro-organisms. Scale that accumulates on the bottom of the reaction tank is extracted by a pump. OH+ ions that remain near the anodes cause a decrease of pH levels and produce oxidants which disinfect the water. Maintenance and control of the E.S.T system is performed on site with constant access to all figurers and parameters relating to water quality and system performance online. The Elgressy support team is available to provide on-line support and solutions.

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