Flamco pressurisation equipment

The Flamco compact wall mounted and free standing pressurisation units are fully automatic heating / chiller system topup devices, offering accurate control and reliability. They are suitable for pressuremanagement in domestic, commercial and industrial sealed heating and cooling systems. With a choice of single or twin pump system for topping up water using a break-tank and a digital controller. With AB type break tank for back flow protection.

Digital pressurisation equipment including:

•Digital equipment comes with bright LED display
scrolling messages including pump operation and
alarm modes.
• Single or twin pump configurations.
• Complete with integral AB type water break tank utilising a WRAS approved float valve.
• Twin pump equipment operates as cyclic duty -standby with automatic changeover.
• Internal alarm with mute function.
• Security password protected.
• Auto resetting low water detection, for pump protection.
• Auto resetting high and low pressure alarm.
• Digital pressure setpoint with adjustable differential.
• Flood protection through a pump run limit timer

• Normally closed, common fault, volt free contact Boiler interlock).
• Normally open, individual volt free contacts for pump trip, high pressure, low pressure and sensor health.
• All volt free contacts are for use with electrical supplies up to 240V with a maximum current draw of 5 amps.
• RS 485 Connectivity with MODBUS protocol.
• Hours run counter (per pump).
• 12 month service reminder.
• Excessive start alarm (>3 times in 8 hours).
• Pump pulse option (2 second pulse per pump if inactive for 60 days).
• Fill system option (Not available on 130D/230D)

Selection Essentials

• Static Height of the building above the pressurisation unit (meters).
• Systems content [ltr] or boiler power [kW] (which can be used to estimate the systems content).
• Flow and return temperatures.
• Glycol content (%) if required.
• Maximum allowable system pressure and/or safety relief valve setting.

Pressurisation Units Features & Options

Pressurisation units are required anywhere where the mains water supply must be kept wholesome and protected from sealed system water, and essential anywhere where the mains water pressure is insufficient to fill and maintain the integrity of a sealed system.

Flamco have created a range of pressurisation equipment to meet every need. While the standard range will meet most demands, at Flamco we also offer a bespoke equipment service when the out of the ordinary occurs.

General Technical Data and System Limits

Materials & Technical:
Housing: Mild Steel CR4.
Finish: Powder Coating.
Break Tank: WRAS Approved material.
Pump: See pump details.
Fluid Category Protection: Type AB Weir Overflow gap / Category 5.
Controller: MODBUS.
Directive: PED 97/23/EC (article 3 paragraph 3 (SEP).)
Required Supply Voltage: 230V/1/50Hz (2160D: 415V/3/50Hz)

International Protection Marking: IP 54.
Ambient Temperature: 5 – 40 °C.
Operating Temperature: 5 – 85 °C.
Noise rating : <75 dBA.
Pressure rating: PN10 (2160D: PN16).
Nominal Operating Pressure Range: 1-16 bar.


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