Pressurized Expansion Tank

Flexcon M

A Flexcon M expansion vessel offers you
advantages in installations with big differences in
the static pressure and set pressure
of the safety valve.

All Flexcon M expansion vessels are fitted with an
exchangeable bladder. This bladder forms the
separation between the expansion water inside the
bladder and the nitrogen cushion.


For heating and chilled water (cooling) installations according to EN12828.
The vessel is equipped with a replaceable bladder made from high-quality butyl rubber in compliance with EN13831.
Particular benefits of use are achieved in installations with large variations between static pressure and pre-set pressure of the
safety valve.

• Replaceable bladder.
• Nitrogen gas filling for longer maintenance of pre-pressure.
• Red (RAL 3002) epoxy powder coating.
• Suitable for addition of glycol-based anti-freeze up to 50%.
• Delivered with pressure gauge and height-adjustable feet (except 1200 – 2000 litres).
• As an option, the Flexcon M 1200 – 8000 can be fitted with a Flexvent Super.
• Vessels 100 – 1000 litres: in accordance with EN13831 / 1200 – 8000 litres: in accordance with AD2000.
• Suitable for systems with a flow temperature of 120 °C.
• Max. temperature bladder: 70 °C.
• In accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

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