Pressureless Expansion Tank

Tomorrow’s Technology in Today’s Flamcomat

The Flamcomat is a modern, pump-driven pressurisation unit. Thanks to its sophisticated construction we have made it possible to incorporate important functions into one compact unit.

The Flamcomat consists of a pump unit and a pressureless vessel. This modular expansion system can be expanded with additional vessels and accessories from our comprehensive range.

In this way we can tailor the equipment precisely to the needs of your system.

The Flamcomat is suitable for any size of heating installation and for both refrigeration and airconditioning installations. The Flamcomat makes sure that the system pressure remains within precise limits and that the system is topped-up automatically should there be any requirements. The venting process is incorporated, dynamic and energy-efficient.

Benefits of the Flamcomat

  • The Flamcomat combines pressure-control unit, dynamic de-aeration and topping-up all in one.
  • Choice of a range of pump modules.
  • Proven de-aeration results, as tested independently by WL / Delft Hydraulics.
  • Expansion fluid is stored at atmospheric pressure ina removable butyl-rubber bladder

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