Pumping System (HVAC, Fire Fighting & Plumbing)

Sevcon is committed to studying, developing, and distributing pumps, pumping systems and HVAC Systems for water technology applications. Water is the principle element of life and the common denominator of all applications. Pumps are made in fabricated stainless steel and various material options, which keeps the water free of contamination. The laser welding technology creates pumps that are resistant to aggressive chemicals and guarantees that the production process respects the natural environment. Advanced pump control and regulation systems ensure the safe, reliable and economic use of water.


Lowara Varispeed booster systems are equipped with SV series vertical multistage pumps. These high efficiency pumps with EFF1 motors offer higher efficiency and energy savings. The reliability and efficiency of the SV series, combined with the new SD60 controller, ensures we provide the best solution for our booster systems. Thanks to the SD 60, the brain of the Varispeed booster systems, it is possible to control up to six pumps, their speed and the number of pumps in run.

SD60 is linked with a frequency converter (one for the set or one for each pump) in order to achieve flexibility and full control of performance output. In this way it is possible to ensure constant water pressure all the times.
Varispeed booster systems are used when additional pressure and flow is required. The huge range of Varispeed models is developed in order to meet all customers’ demands forperformance, control and system monitoring.

  • Large oled display in black colour and yellow letters (128×64 pixels)
  • Push button, backlight type
  • System status signals
  • Alarms visualization (automatic or manual reset)
  • Remote access to controller by PC via RS 232, RS485, USB, back-up data and software
  • Cascade control
  • Speed control
  • Serial communication Modbus RTU and Ethernet TCP/IP


  • Water supply applications and irrigation systems
  • Compact system
  • High efficiency
  • Electric pump with motor EFF1 as
  • standard and SD60 controller
  • Multilanguage menu with 12 languages
  • Easy to install
  • Plug and play installation and user friendly start up
  • Pump rotation on working hours or pump start

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