Vaccum Degasser

Water quality determines performance
The quality of the water determines the performance of cooling and heating systems.
A system with oxygen-rich water works less Oxygen penetrates systems in
various ways, resulting in corrosion and the formation of sludge. In turn, this produces
resistance losses, additional wear and tear, unnecessary faults, disruption to the
systems, reduced pump performance and irritating noises. Consequences: A lack
of comfort, unnecessary loss of energy and a shorter service life of the system. It is
therefore important to deaerate as quickly and as possible.
Flamco has the answer: The Vacumat Eco.
This pressure-temperature controlled degasser deaerates extremely accurately and
effectively. The Vacumat Eco deaerates at least seven times faster through the much
greater and fully continuous deaeration capacity. Removing gases more quickly
limits as much damage to the system as possible, avoids unnecessary faults and
expensive repairs, and extends the life of the system.
The Vacumat Eco is also eight times more energy than the deaeration systems
currently available on the market.

Intelligent interactive technology
The Vacumat Eco exceeds existing standards in the
area of deaeration systems. The sensors and
speed-controlled, energy-saving pump play an
essential role in this.
Because the pressure and temperature of the
system water are continuously measured,
the Vacumat Eco automatically chooses the most
effective vacuum for optimal deaeration.
The appliance is designed to remove dissolved gases
without boiling the water in the process. This prevents
any released water vapour from interfering with the
deaeration process. A boiling process also costs a lot in
terms of energy. Not boiling is therefore more effective
and cleaner.
The Vacumat Eco always automatically regulates the
desired deaeration level of the system water and only
deaerates as and when necessary (energy saving).
Result: An extremely long service life of cooling and
heating systems and big savings on energy costs.

Advantages of the Vacumat Eco

• Deaeration up to seven times quicker than comparable products.
• Is eight times more thanks to innovative technologies.
• Gives real-time insight into system performance.
• Low noise.
• Automatic standby function for optimal energy saving.
• Control unit can be set to any level within a given range.
• Rugged design.

The Vacumat Eco can be used for a larger system capacity and therefore in more situations. In contrast to the
ENA series, the appliance makes use of the new technology of sensitive deaeration. This allows the process
to run quickly, quietly and extremely economically.

Energy Efficiency

The pressure in the column of the Vacumat Eco
follows the boiling line in the graph. The system
checks fully automatically whether the system water
has been deaerated on a short cycle.
Depending on the setting level (Min, Med or Max), this
deaeration mode follows the respective pressure line.
When the gas detector senses that no more gas
is released, the system water no longer has to be
deaerated. The deaeration cycle stops and
a message is shown on the display.
The Vacumat Eco continues to regularly check
the gas concentration in the system water. If the
gas concentration is too high, the Vacumat Eco
automatically activates the deaeration program.

Convenience for installers and users
Quick, quiet and extremely economical: these are the most important characteristics of the Vacumat Eco.
What’s more, the appliance is extremely user-friendly and shows the deaeration performance via the display.
The Vacumat Eco is protected by an internal filter. An automatic warning is given when the filter needs
The deaeration system is very quiet. This is because the Vacumat Eco does not require a laborious boiling
process. The Vacumat Eco 300 produces only 52 decibels of noise. This is comparable to a quiet dishwasher.
An important difference from the present generation of vacuum degassers on the market.



Specification of Vacumat Eco

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