Ice Bank Thermal Energy Storage

IceBank thermal energy storage tanks can store renewable energy, like wind and inexpensive night-time electricity, in the form of ice for use during peak demand periods. Reducing the peak electric demand using thermal energy storage can cut cooling costs 20-40%, source energy and emissions are reduced and construction of new power plants and transmission lines can be delayed or eliminated..


  • It reduces operating costs by 25% to 30% because of reduction in demand charges.
  • It reduces initial costs of chillers, cooling towers, cables, electrical panels and generators.
  • It uses lower cost, off peak electricity (usually at night) to produce cool energy

CALMAC Manufactures Thermal Energy Storage
CALMAC is the world leader in the product design and manufacture of thermal energy storage

Top Companies Trust CALMAC Thermal Energy Storage and Ice Rink Products
IceBank thermal energy storage helps reduce peak energy demands and cooling costs. Thermal energy storage also helps buildings prepare for the smart grid, earn LEED Certification and helps meet or exceed energy code requirements. IceMat ice rinks are well suited for World Championship figure skating rinks, hockey rinks, permanent and portable rinks, backyard rinks and bobsled runs.

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